Why Recompile OnGUI?

4.6 gave us the New UI for making In-Game GUI’s, but what about Editor GUI’s?  Tool makers are still stuck using OnGUI for EditorWindows.  But what if there was a better way? 

If you want a custom EditorWindow or Inspector, you still have to use OnGUI.  And working with OnGUI is tedious… panfully tedious.  Laying out controls is a guess-and-check process that can eat hours of development time.  Want to move your button 10 pixels to the right?  Recompile.  Let’s try 20 pixels.  Recompile.  How about wo move all the buttons from the bottom to the top of the window instead…  Painfully tedious.

But in the age of Visual Designers, why are we still recompiling to see our GUI? Why not have a Visual Designer for making Editor Windows?

A few weeks ago I started work on such a tool. The goal is to create OnGUI windows as easily as you would in WindowsForms or the new Unity UI. I have already laid down the basic functionality and the result are promising. I can position and scale buttons in the Unity Editor, and watch their position update in real time! That is already a huge leap forward from the guess-and-check method!

This is a work in progress.  Read more on the Unity forums: